Tools for improving depth control, singulation, seed environment and yield

Corn sprout

Populations. Spacing. Placement.

Higher populations mean that the placement of every plant - every seed - is critical. Corn plants closer than 4" sense high population and react to the high stress environment. But with a little effort, today's planters can achieve spacing accuracy of 97% or more. Find out how.

Corn rows

Depth. Compactions. Residue.

Uniform emergence is the most important event in a cornfield's year. Plants that do not emerge within 48 hours after their neighbors turn into "weeds". Creating a good, clean seed V, getting seeds to the bottom of the trench and eliminating compaction can get plants off to a uniform start. Find out how.

Corn planter

Measure. Monitor. Control.

Find and fix planter problems before they cost you a dime. New monitoring and sensing systems can identify expensive issues you can't detect in the shop. And with new control systems, you can set and forget critical functions like downforce adjustments, VR populations and Row Control. Find out how.