Population Control, Seed Spacing & Placement Products

  • RowFlow

    The right seeding rate in the right place

    Get the money saving benefits of swath control and variable rate population control in one package.

    20/20 RowFlow combines with 20/20 SeedSense to provide automatic control of variable rate drive systems (to change plant populations) and swath control (to shut off individual rows or sections of the planter). Variable Rate and swath control prescriptions offer great yield improvement and increased efficiency potential.

    Controls air or electric clutches

    No unlock fees

    RowFlow Liquid controls liquid on a planter or as a sidedress application.

Downforce Control

  • AirForce

    AirForce® means automatic control.

    AirForce bag AirForce tank

    Excessive down force applied to the row unit during planting can cause root zone compaction. That compaction cuts yields by:

    • Reducing germination rates and lowering plant count
    • Increasing plant stress reducing ear girth and length
    • Stressing plants at pollination during dry years with hot summers

    Too little down force means shallow plants.

    The 20/20 SeedSense® system teams with 20/20 AirForce to automatically measure and manage down force to make sure you run as light as possible, while maintaining the ground contact that assures uniform seeding depth.

Monitoring & Sensing Products

  • DICKEY-john Monitors


    PM300The PM300 is part of the new generation of seed monitors from DICKEY-john. This monitor provides all the necessary information needed when planting your crops. Population, speed, area counters and high/low population warnings for up to 16 rows. One optional accessory is available which could include a flowmeter, shaft or hopper input.

    M3 Planter Monitor Console

    M3 Planter Monitor ConsoleOperation and setup of this unit is by far the most simple of any monitor on the market. Features such as the ability to adjust the seed sensor gain and program two different setups, makes this unit unique.


    PM100The PM100 is the most economical seed monitor available for a planter or grain drill monitoring system where only the detection of seed flow is necessary for up to 16 rows. The Dual operating mode allows the user to choose between flashing visual indicators when seeding or "lights on" when there is a row failure. Audible and visual indicators along with DICKEY-john's® quality make this a perfect monitor for your needs.



    • Includes universal mounting braket
    • 12' cord with 4 pin AMP connectors
    • Compact size

    Micro-Trak Astro II Satellite Speed Sensor

    Micro-Trak Astro II Satellite Speed Sensor

    • 15' chord with standard 4 pin AMP connector
    • Compact size
    • Status and power LED indicators
    • Magnetic mount
    • Made by Garmin
    • 1Hz update rate (Astro II)
    • 5Hz available (Astro 5)

    Universal Sprocket Sensor and Kit

    Universal Sprocket Sensor and Kit

    • Includes universal mounting braket
    • Sensor with 30" lead
    • 15' Extension Cable

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