• MeterMax Calibration

    Poor meter performance = lost yield

    You should be getting 98% or better accuracy from your meters, but typical meters run at only 92%-97%. When each additional percentage point is worth another bushel or two for every acre, there’s plenty of room for improvement. What’s the accuracy on your meters?

    Once we put one of your meters on the MeterMax® Ultra test stand, you’ll know. Then, if your meters are off, you can regain lost yield with a complete calibration. Here’s how it works.

    MeterMax Calibration

    The meter is mounted on the MeterMax Ultra test stand, filled with the type and size of seed you’re going to plant, and turned on. The connected 20/20 SeedSense® monitor precisely records the performance using your population and planting speeds. You see the results.

    The meter is then adjusted – cleaned, balanced and repaired as necessary – and tested again, until all the errors are eliminated and your lost yield is restored. Past experience shows an average 5.7 bushel-per-acre improvement.

    "The best investment we have ever made is meter calibration… We wouldn’t dream of going to the field without putting our meters on this test stand." That’s what Illinois grower Gary Kahle says. Once your meters start delivering your best possible yield, you’ll feel the same way.

    Don’t put it off. See us today for a FREE meter evaluation and for the meter calibration that restores the yield you’re losing now.